Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cathedral Window Mini-quilt

 Tried a new technique today.

The video is completed using 5" squares,
I used 3".  The mini-quilt measures approx. 15" square.

I used the "quilt as you go" method that's mentioned
in the video.  This is not a hard project but it is time 
consuming. There are endless color options,
I used the same background fabric for each block.

Adding another mini-quilt to my wall is enjoyable
and addicting.

Now to find another mini-quilt idea.


Monday, June 12, 2017

A little sewing...

Recently I added to my mini quilt collection. 

This Scottie Dog quilt block is less than 11 inches square.
I really like the candy stripe binding and no repeat fabrics.

I also decided it would be nice to have a new spring purse.
I tried buying one but just couldn't find anything I liked.
So....(or should I say sew....)

The exterior is a remnant of fabric purchased at a
thrift store for less than $2.  
The interior features custom pockets.

I can't take credit for the purse pattern.  
It's loosely based on

Hoping to continue sewing during the
warm summer....maybe I should
dig out some Christmas fabric.

Enjoy your summer!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Mini-quilts and more

 Added another mini-quilt to my collection.
This is about 12 inches x 14 inches.
The flowered background fabric was leftover from
the bridesmaids dresses I made for our daughter's wedding.
I love the little stair step design.

The mini-quilt I shared earlier is 12 inches square.

And displayed, lots of space for more mini-quilts.

Next up on the design wall is this small quilt,
finished size will be around 30 inches square.
This quilt was inspired by Confessions of a Quilt Addicts Supernova.
Sarah began with 7 inch squares, I used 3 inch squares, 
because they were already cut and waiting for inspiration.

Now to find time to get it finished.

Fun, fun!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring has Arrived

A few weeks ago I took time to create this Spring Flower wall hanging.
I used a free pattern, and made a few changes.
I was a little rusty from not quilting for a few months, 
but with a little practice it came back to me.

Close up of feather quilting.

And my favorite block, helps that it's my favorite color.
(Looks like I'm a little rusty on proper pressing, 
not to mention blogging...)

I even managed to use the resulting 1/2 square triangles to 
create this mini quilt.
I'm trying to do more of these mini quilts
 to display on my studio wall.

The wall hanging now resides in my office at work, since I spend
so much time there I might as well enjoy some of my own work.

I also made this wreath for on my office door.
I've been working here 2 years, it's time to add a little personal touch.

Happy Spring!