Thursday, October 23, 2014


That's the question..........

Found this lovely wardrobe today, tomorrow it will be in our living room.
We will add shelves and use it as a storage unit.

It comes apart for easy moving and needs a little TLC but nothing major.
I'm so excited about this find.

Stay tuned for updates and photos in our home.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I was elated to complete this quilt top.
An explanation of the blocks may be found here.
It's a scrappy traditional type quilt, but I love it.
Can you spot the "odd" block?
That was a design choice, 
I actually deconstructed a block just to get that look.  
Since all the blocks were completed when I found this alternate design option
 and it took some time to reconstruct, I only redesigned one block.
When completed, this quilt will find a home in our spare room.

After nearly 6 months in our new home we have a living room curtain.
I took a 5 yard piece of sheer fabric and clipped it to the rod.
It takes some clipping and re-clipping but is an inexpensive
solution to a huge window.  I didn't do any hemming to this piece yet.
As you can see by the peeling wall paper in the upper left corner,
this room hasn't been refinished yet.  So the curtain will come down soon
and then I'll make more permanent design decisions.
For now at least it looks like someone lives in this house.

Next on my list, preparing for visitors this weekend.

Stop by when you can!


Recently, I tried a new activity with Ellie.
Remember the paint with water books?
I found this book at a closeout store, didn't know they were still made.
She enjoyed the project but not for long.
Busy, busy toddler!

The one thing she will sit still for is snuggles and Curious George (Netflix)
with Pappy.  This was a chilly day so Oreo decided to join in the warmth.

And finally a peek-a-boo trick with 2 laundry baskets.

Have a great day!

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