Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cathedral Window Pillows

I decided to finish some of the UFOs (Unfinished Objects)
in my sewing room.  
This week it was a pair of pillows for our living room.

The pillowcase style back is the same
batik fabric used in the "windows".

This is a fun, relatively easy project using this tutorial.
Beware it is time consuming.

A fresh new look.

My hubby wondered where they came from...
well duh, the studio upstairs :)

So many UFOs, so little time!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mini Quilts, A New Bag and .....

Continuing with my mini-quilt wall.
I completed this sewing machine quilt for me....

and this purple sewing machine mini for 
my youngest sister.
I really like these fun, relatively quick projects.

I made myself a new spring/summer purse.
This one is heavily structured and is holding it's shape
nicely, even after daily use for over a month.

This quilt block was submitted to the annual
quilt making at our denominations summer conference.

And in the non-quilting world,
our 2 daughters and I went to a painting class.
We began with unfinished wood and in the span
of just 3 hours took home completed projects.
A fun creative evening!


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hands2Help Quilt Completed

As mentioned in this post
I joined Sarah's Hand2Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2018.

The quilt is finished and will be mailed soon
to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.

I used a simple pillowcase finish and the
backing is a coordinating flannel fabric.

All in all, a fun little project.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hand2Help Donation

I have decided to join Sarah's

When a nor'easter come through south central PA on the first day of spring,
I spent the day at home and set aside a few hours to complete this quilt top.

A pre-printed panel that's been in my stash for far too many years.
Made into a simple window frame quilt.

When completed this quilt will be donated to
Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.
They include a quilt in a backpack for children going through
traumatic situations.

Now to get the quilt completed and in the mail by
June 1st, without the assistance of another snow storm.

You can see in the picture below that the snow was
up to the seat of our bench.....and it wasn't done snowing yet.

So thankful spring has arrived!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bright baby quilt finish

Bright baby quilt finished last week.

A nursing student in our church has a fellow classmate
that is from out of the country with no extended family in the US.  
He and his wife are having a baby girl and so the
students decided to shower them with gifts.
I made this little quilt as a gift for them.

The fabric came from my stash, and if I remember correctly
most of it was gifted to me when a friend was cleaning out her craft space.  

The polka-dot backing was the remaining portion
of a thrifted bed sheet used in another project.

A fun little gift that only cost me my time.

On to more projects!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Playing catch up....

Recently I completed and mailed this purse to my cousin, Gina.
She had mentioned that she bought fabric to make a new purse
but as a busy homeschool mom of 6, she hadn't found the time
to make it yet.  I asked her to send me the fabric and I'd send her a bag.
They've been dealing with a life altering disease in their family and
I was delighted to bless her in this small way.

I found a free pattern for this cute sewing machine block.
I created these 2 mini quilts, around 11 inches square. 
I gave the red one to a friend for her birthday and 
the other to my younger sister for her birthday.
I have 2 more on my design wall - then I'll
be done with this pattern, some of those triangles are made
with 3/4 inch squares, that's a bit tiny for my liking.

I'm also working on this baby baby quilt,
a fun little scrap buster.
Hoping to finish it up this weekend.

So, that catches me up for the past few weeks.
What have you been working on?


Sunday, January 14, 2018


Finished a few mini-quilts this week.

2 as birthday gifts for 2 of my aunts.

The sheep is just 9.5 inches square.

This cardinal is 14 inches square.

1 for my mini-quilt wall, 11 x 13 inches.
I'm lovin' the snowflake border, 
I may have to use this in the future.


1 extra (not sure who will get this one), 11 inches square.

Fun projects but, I'm done with cardinals :)


Friday, January 5, 2018

Small *Supernova* Quilt

Finished this small *Supernova* quilt over
Christmas break.  This little gem has been on my 
I was debating the border treatment, finally decided to do 
a simple piano key style border.
The pattern idea came from 
the link is to her tutorial.
The quilt really isn't this wonky, 
just hard to take a picture on the floor.

A close-up of the quilting that radiates from the
center of the star.  This quilt also qualifies as a scrap buster,
nothing was purchased to complete the project....yippee!

For now, the quilt has found a home on our living room sofa.

Don't let the sunshine fool you, it's freezing outside,
which makes for good sewing weather.

Stay warm!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Winter Wall Hanging

I recently completed this Winter Wall Hanging.

It went through a few design stages

but I'm pleased with the final result.

The pine bough is simple thread art by machine.

The applique is raw edge secured with more thread art.
I still enjoy using this method to add dimension 
and interest to a quilt.

This project counts as a scrap/stash buster,
I didn't purchase anything to make it....although
my selections of scrap fabrics and especially thread colors are 
dwindling.  That's not a bad thing....just means I need to 
plan ahead instead of simply assuming I have a thread color that
will match any applique project.

This wall hanging will find it's home in my office at work.

Today's a snowy one in southern Pennsylvania.
Hoping it clears enough to go to a family Christmas gathering.



Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bags and winter wall hanging

With Thanksgiving behind us and looking toward Christmas 
(and the colder weather that comes with this time of year),
I thought it was about time to head to my sewing studio.

I made myself a new winter bag.
It's made from a thrift store wool skirt and
left over fabric from last winter's bag.
So a great bargain bag!

Earlier in the fall, I made this bag.
When I spied the colors and pattern of this fabric
I knew it just had to become a bag.
I bought this fabric just for this project,
so not much of a bargain, but since I bought the fabric at 
a big box store, not a budget buster either.

Next on the list are 5 small messenger bags for
our great nieces and granddaughter for Christmas.
I used double sided, pre-quilted fabric, so these
came together quickly.

And lastly, a sneak peak of the winter wall hanging I'm working on.
Still lots of detail work to be done, but I'm making progress.

I'm designing this one as I go, so that takes extra time with all the
measuring, and staring at fabrics on my design wall and 
don't forget the mistakes.....all part of the creative process!

All in all, I've spent some fun hours in my sewing studio lately.

In case I don't make it back here for awhile again....

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cathedral Window Mini-quilt

 Tried a new technique today.

The video is completed using 5" squares,
I used 3".  The mini-quilt measures approx. 15" square.

I used the "quilt as you go" method that's mentioned
in the video.  This is not a hard project but it is time 
consuming. There are endless color options,
I used the same background fabric for each block.

Adding another mini-quilt to my wall is enjoyable
and addicting.

Now to find another mini-quilt idea.


Cathedral Window Pillows

I decided to finish some of the UFOs (Unfinished Objects) in my sewing room.   This week it was a pair  of pillows for our living r...