Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trip Around the World Quilt for the Newlyweds

I just completed this Trip Around the World quilt top
for our daughter and son-in-law.

The quilt is 105 inches square, large queen sized.
Next I need to quilt this with my standard home sewing machine.....
Do you know a long arm quilter in South Central PA?

I made this quilt the "old fashioned" way, pencil and graph paper.
The layout and assigning the fabrics a number. 
I cut 5 inch squares and arranged them on my cutting table,
again numbered to keep me organized.
I began with the center row and continued with identical
rows to each side. 

This process took quite some time, but I couldn't find a tutorial
for the strip piecing method that used 7 fabrics.
I decided it would be more productive to just sew instead of trying
to figure out the strip piece method for myself.
I was also dealing with extreme knee pain so moving 
around and even sewing for a long period of time was terrible.
Thankfully that is under control now!
The backing will be the tan print on the right
and the binding will be the dark brown fabric. 
For now, I'm giving my sewing machine and knee a break,
a.k.a. working up the courage to start the quilting.
So, I'm working on an autumn leaf barn quilt.
Thanks for visiting and please contact me if you
know a long arm quilter in South Central PA.


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