Sunday, January 23, 2011

More vintage quilts........

After posting about the vintage quilts in my care, my Aunt Louise sent me pictures of the vintage quilts she has. 

This one with lots of small squares was pieced and quilted by my grandmother.

An old quilt also made by my grandmother.

This one was handed down from step great great grandmother. 
I LOVE this pattern!

This is the last baby quilt my grandmother quilted.  
My Aunt purchased it at Shalom Christian Academy's benefit auction.

An old "whole cloth" quilt, meaning it's made of one piece of fabric with a border, instead of pieced with many fabrics.
At least that's what I'm guessing from the picture :)

A lone star quilt, pieced by Louise and quilted by her mother (my grandmother).

Another quilt pieced and quilted by my grandmother.

Through this discovery of vintage quilts, we have decided to hold a nieces day at Aunt Louise's next fall.   We are planning to do some quilting (she has several tops that are pieced just waiting to be quilted) and lots of visiting.  I can't wait to see these quilts in much love, time and talent have gone into making these treasures!!!

Another lovely walk down memory lane....thanks for joining me!


Heidi said...

So now I know where you get your talent!

Gina said...

I love the idea of a nieces day! I hope I'm invited!

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