Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ready for Spring

I completed this adorable baby quilt earlier this week.
The 36" x 40" quilt is made from thrift store fabric
and the back is the same purple as the front.

 The purple polka-dot and multi-colored print reminds me of spring.

My daughter asked why I made this quilt, 
we don't know anyone having a baby girl in the near future.
My response, "I had the fabric and the idea"....
what better reason!

I know we haven't had a cold, hard winter, 
but I'm still ready for spring.
So, my next quilting project has a spring flare too. 

For now I'm thankful for and 
enjoying the sunshine this afternoon!


Alli said...

That's really cute -- those purple polka dots are fantastic! I can't believe you found them in a thrift store!

This'll be perfect for a day in the future when you do know someone who's expecting a baby -- then you'll be able to whip out this super awesome gift. :)

unfinishedquilts said...

I cannot think of a better reason to make a quilt!

Ann Yale said...

Cute. Love thrift stores!

Ann Yale said...

Love that thrift store fabric and what you've done with it!

Fabrics N Quilts said...

Great quilt! It's always nice to have some quilts on hand for later giving!
Whoop Whoop!

Sarah Craig said...

It's beautiful, Carolyn! I like that your stripes aren't the same width - a nice variation! Whoop whoop!!

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