Friday, July 13, 2012

Special announcement.....

I'm going to be a grandmother :)

So I'm preparing for lots of sewing for the new little one.

The above fabric will be used for the baby quilt & car seat cover.
I'm sure we will find other uses for the scraps.

The brown dotted fabric will be the crib skit and the
mod blue/green print will be the bumper pads.
These fabrics will also appear in the quilt.

So any advice for a first time grandmother?



Kat said...

My kids are way too young for babies, so no advice... but CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-)

Beautiful fabrics... lucky baby!

Gina said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Advice? I don't have any here though I know a great set of grandparents!

sewyouquilt2 said... em and spoil em cause they grow up too fast. you are going to have so much fun! I love my grandkids. (more fun than the kids-but don't tell em I said so) 4 year old only granddaughter says to her mom "I need to go to Grammies and cook with her. She needs my help!" the boys love to play card games. looks like you are going to have some gorgeous projects for the baby too!

Serina Kelley said...

Congratulations on this extremely momentous occasion! It is quite obvious that you are already smitten and will be an absolute wonderful grandmother. Enjoy the time, I hear that time with the grandchildren seems to fly even quicker than the time with out children!
The fabric choices are stunning and I am sure that your son/daughter must be so proud that you are making all of this with love!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! My advice is from the mom perspective. My MIL lived by us until recently, if you are lucky enough to live by your new grandbaby, give mom an occasional day off.

Quiet Quilter said...

Sit back and enjoy...GC cannot have too many quilts....They're great for padding on floors, to hang on walls, or just to cuddle with. Congratulations!

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