Sunday, September 23, 2012

2nd Annual Quilt Retreat

I recently met with my Aunt Louise and my sister, Carlene, for our 2nd quilt retreat.  
There was more sewing and less quilting this time.

The first evening my aunt made these 3 winter table runners.
(sorry the color isn't very good)
We used a free internet pattern call 10 minute table runners.
Google it  :)

And these coasters using this tutorial.

One thing my aunt wanted to make was something using the feed sacks her
brother-in-law had given her.
These windowpane blocks are the result (close-up photos below).
Cut sizes, panes 6.5 inches square, cross bars 1.5 inches wide
and sash or outside borders 2.5 inches wide.
After more blocks are made, they will be set together with white sashing
to make a wall hanging or quilt.

Last year, my sister stitched a quilt top, this year she finished by adding 3 borders.  
She hopes to start hand quilting soon.

I started a Christmas quilt.  I made 8 blocks including the ones pictured above.

And lastly, we found the pattern pieces to a clothes pin bag
that our mother use to make.  There were no instructions, but we managed to 
get the bags made, not sure they are correctly made but they will work.
We are hoping to make more of these next time, maybe till then
we will figure out some things better.

It was a wonderful few days, reconnecting with family and stitching!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tried (and finished) a new project

Our daughter and son-in-law bought a good quality glider chair at a thrift store.
See before picture here.
Our son-in-law did a great job repainting the chair!
I recovered the cushions, some were very challenging
but the outcome is great!

The plaid fabric coordinates well with the baby quilt :)

And the mommy-to-be is enjoying both!!!

So happy I was able to finish this challenge!

Next "baby" project - the diaper bag....big smile!!!


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