Friday, January 4, 2013

Flannel Scrap / Utility / Memory Quilt

Recently, while organizing our storage room,
I found this quilt top that I made a few years ago.
It is made from flannel scraps left over from
various projects.

Some would call it an utility quilt, 
a scrap quilt, 
a memory quilt, or
just plain ugly.

For me, it's a super snuggly, fluffy quilt
that we will love to pieces!

To maintain the soft puffy feel,
I used polyester batting and 
only a little quilting.
Stitched in the ditch at the block seams
and then diagonally.

The back is a thrifted flannel duvet  :)


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Anonymous said...

Great quilt! You can never have too many quilts that you don't worry about *keeping nice*!

Sarah Craig said...

I think it's beautiful, Carolyn! Whoop whoop!!

Allison said...

your quilt looks so snuggly! it must be so nice to have a quilt full of memories like this one :) I have my own plans for an 'ugly' anything-goes scrap quilt, hopefully in 2013

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