Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ellie's busy day........

Monday was a beautiful day in our neck of the woods so
we spent most of the day outside.
First we found the kitty's hiding place among the vinca vines.

Then as gramma was transplanting some plants,
Ellie decided to dig in the bark.....

line up all the tools.....

and take a break to play with stones.

Later we played with the side walk chalk....

dumped the chalk.....

and put them back in the box.
Her parents are doing a good job with "clean up, 
clean up, everybody do your part."

After Pappy came home, 
he found a bunny nest while mowing,
so we took a little peak....

learned to walk with a walking stick
(look out Camp Eder, here we come).....

and helped rake pine cones.

We also took 2 wagon rides, 
played the piano, 
had lunch and
did a few indoor chores.
What a busy day for a toddler!

What did you do on Monday?


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