Wednesday, July 22, 2015


...or blog, I just took a little break.....
so here's a catch up post.

In April, I designed and created this purse for myself.
I've been using it ever since.....I really like this size and style.
It's large enough to carry a water bottle or book 
(along with all the other normal purse stuff) 
and soft enough to be comfortable not big and bulky.

The purse began as a jacket that I bought at a thrift store
for less than $5.  Did you notice the buttons on the 
front of the purse?  I also enjoy the benefit of using pre-quilted fabric, saves a lot of time.  Love up-cycling!  

Around the same time, I made this cute little
cross body bag for a friend.  It took more
time to select the coordinating fabrics and button 
then to stitch it together.  A fun little project.

After the month of April, my sewing machine got a little break
as I enjoyed some time outside with the flower gardens and walking.  Apparently I was exposed to too much pollen, 
came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection.
Seasonal allergies are not fun!
 I'm finally feeling better so this week I dusted off the machine and made a few bags for a friend.  I'll post those pictures soon.

I'm trying to stay indoors as much as possible 
but today was a beautiful summer day.

Here's Ellie discovering the hidden kitty in the 
vinca vine.  Sorry Peaches, she's on to you!
No rest for the kitty while the little is around :)

Hope you had a great day too!

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