Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Wreaths featuring Vintage Ornaments

Last week I completed 4 of these wreaths. I've been collecting the vintage and used ornaments for several years and decided it was time to get this project out of my mind and on my wall so to speak.

Here's a sampling of the ornaments I used. I prefer to use glass ornaments, although there are a few plastics ones included in my projects. The solid colors are easy to find, it's the character or decorative ornaments that are harder to come by, at least at a price I'm willing to pay.  All but 2 boxes of white ornaments came thrift stores. For some reason, I had a hard time finding white.  I also purchased a few new small ornaments packs, they are hard to find also.

I started with a styrofoam wreath form, wrapped it with silver Christmas tinsel. I prefer used tinsel, it's fluffier.  If using new tinsel my tip would be, crinkle or fluff it. 

Continue by adding ornaments,  I placed them randomly then checked the layout before gluing with hot glue. This wreath is in progress.

I finished off each wreath by cutting small strips, 2-3 inches long, of tinsel and gluing it into the spaces between the ornaments.  I like the filled in look.

The next 3 pictures (along with the very first picture in this post) are the completed projects.  I will be keeping 2 of them and gave one to each of our daughters.

I have leftover ornaments, so may make a few for gifts if I can find some feature ornaments and the time.

This one went to Heather.

This one went to Andrea.

I have a very busy calendar for the next few months so.......Thanks for visiting and (I know it's early but) have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

Happy Thanksgiving too!


EmileeHope said...

So excited for all the Christmas decor & projects!!! The most wonderful time of the year!!!

Shauna said...

Your wreaths are really beautiful Carolyn! What a great way to use the ornaments. I think I have a box of ones that I don't use but didn't want to get rid of. This would be a good way to showcase them.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Wonderful idea! i am pinning this to my xmas craft board!

Jenny said...

So beautiful - such lovely gifts.

Jeanna said...

Hi Carolyn. I followed a link to your blog from the FB group we just joined.

I absolutely LOVE the wreaths. I am all about anything that includes a snowman. The recipients are very lucky.

Merry Christmas!

Jean Belle said...

What fun! Those wreaths are delightful. Thanks for sharing how you made them.

Lara B. said...

Using tinsel to wrap first is so clever Carolyn! I love the nostalgic look of your wreaths!

Paige said...

Your wreaths are beautiful! Martha Stewart would be jealous!

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