Sunday, July 25, 2010

Challenging Necktie Project....

Recently I completed the most challenging project I've ever attempted. I was given several boxes of vintage neckties and asked to use them in a project. After meeting with Nancy (the ties belonged to her late father), we decided pillow covers would be a good idea. I machine appliqued the neckties to a base fabric that was reinforced with woven iron-on interfacing. I used smoke colored transparent nylon thread and a simple zig-zag.

This cover is for a body pillow. It was made using whole ties (they were cut down to size).

....back view of the body pillow cover.

Cover for 16" square pillow form. This cover used pre-tied or clip-on ties.

......back of square pillow.

Another 16" square pillow cover.

My next project will not be nearly as least I hope not :)
I'll be working on a quilt for my bed, it's almost finished, I just need to make a few design decisions and then quilt it.

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Gina said...

I was hoping you would share some photos! Great job!

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