Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Completed Barn Quilts

My completed Autumn Leaves barn quilt.
An in process picture may be found here

As with many projects, I went through several versions.
Below is my original idea, Ombre Autumn Leaves, 
but the effect didn't show well, so I repainted
as Patchwork Ombre Autumn Leaves (shown above).

This exact pattern is my own, but I found plenty of
inspiration on Pinterest.

Next on my painting table was a Snow Cardinal Barn Quilt.
This is the original version.  But in my opinion
the fussy snowflake didn't "play well" with
the freehand pine branches.
So back to the drawing board.

And a new snowflake was born, complete with shading.
Now that's better :)

The completed barn quilt.
This is my favorite so far.

 And ... taadaa ... here it is displayed on the house

Once again I was able to use thrifted wood
to make this beautiful addition to our new home.

I have more wood and some ideas but 
they will wait until I get spring fever.

Back to Christmas projects!


Phillip Lahrmer said...

Your barn quilts are fabulous! I'd love to have a SET for my home. Such an inspiration.

Jennie Tracy said...

I love that you make these. And the cardinal! No wonder it's a favorite!

JanineMarie said...

Your barn quilts are beautiful!! I really like the mailbox quilt, too. It's making me look at my mailbox and thinking hmmmmm...

Jean Belle said...

Love your barn quilts! It's amazing what a difference the shading made. I've been thinking of trying to paint some myself, but haven't made the time yet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful designs.

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