Thursday, September 18, 2014


Clothespins are a recent fascination for Ellie.  She treats each variety differently.
The non-spring type she likes to put through a cardboard tube.

And the spring type are great for putting on her clothes.  
She just loves to take them off and then have me pin a few more.
This little games holds her attention for a good half hour.

In our home there is one step to a platform at the bottom of our stairs.
A floor to ceiling mirror is on this platform.  
We have debated about what to do with this mirror, for now it will stay.  
It has become quite the conversation piece as people wonder
which set of stairs to take to the second floor.
Ellie has discovered this space also serves as a fun little play area.
We finally rigged up a way for the baby gate to sit on the first step.
So now she plays at the mirror, sits on the step or gets
pillows and blankets for a relaxation space.

Another fun event is when Pappy comes home for lunch.
She always hears the garage door going up, yells "Pappy" 
and runs to the door to greet him.
I'm guessing she gets tired of seeing
me all morning and is delighted for a new playmate.
One of their favorite games is "Night,night",
they pretend to take a nap, she even pretends to snore, 
it's hilarious!

So thankful for the blessing of time spent with our granddaughter!


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