Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Wreaths featuring Vintage Ornaments

Last week I completed 4 of these wreaths. I've been collecting the vintage and used ornaments for several years and decided it was time to get this project out of my mind and on my wall so to speak.

Here's a sampling of the ornaments I used. I prefer to use glass ornaments, although there are a few plastics ones included in my projects. The solid colors are easy to find, it's the character or decorative ornaments that are harder to come by, at least at a price I'm willing to pay.  All but 2 boxes of white ornaments came thrift stores. For some reason, I had a hard time finding white.  I also purchased a few new small ornaments packs, they are hard to find also.

I started with a styrofoam wreath form, wrapped it with silver Christmas tinsel. I prefer used tinsel, it's fluffier.  If using new tinsel my tip would be, crinkle or fluff it. 

Continue by adding ornaments,  I placed them randomly then checked the layout before gluing with hot glue. This wreath is in progress.

I finished off each wreath by cutting small strips, 2-3 inches long, of tinsel and gluing it into the spaces between the ornaments.  I like the filled in look.

The next 3 pictures (along with the very first picture in this post) are the completed projects.  I will be keeping 2 of them and gave one to each of our daughters.

I have leftover ornaments, so may make a few for gifts if I can find some feature ornaments and the time.

This one went to Heather.

This one went to Andrea.

I have a very busy calendar for the next few months so.......Thanks for visiting and (I know it's early but) have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

Happy Thanksgiving too!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


 Completed a few purses for a friend.

Lovely fall classic look.  This fabric is fabulous, 
the tan design is stitching, providing a nice rich texture.  
The brown accent fabric has a tone-on-tone design.

Cross-body bag of durable black cotton with free motion machine quilting.  Stitching on the body of the bag is an irregular wavy line design.  The flap has a design of continuous flower petals.  Adds nice texture and interest to this solid colored bag.  Also features an adjustable strap.

Fun fabric for this amazing bag, the blue is so vibrant.
This bag needs a home, let me know if you are interested.

We are enjoying or should I say enduring another streak of hot weather here in southern PA so I may be sewing just to stay out of the heat and humidity.

Until next time....

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


...or blog, I just took a little break.....
so here's a catch up post.

In April, I designed and created this purse for myself.
I've been using it ever since.....I really like this size and style.
It's large enough to carry a water bottle or book 
(along with all the other normal purse stuff) 
and soft enough to be comfortable not big and bulky.

The purse began as a jacket that I bought at a thrift store
for less than $5.  Did you notice the buttons on the 
front of the purse?  I also enjoy the benefit of using pre-quilted fabric, saves a lot of time.  Love up-cycling!  

Around the same time, I made this cute little
cross body bag for a friend.  It took more
time to select the coordinating fabrics and button 
then to stitch it together.  A fun little project.

After the month of April, my sewing machine got a little break
as I enjoyed some time outside with the flower gardens and walking.  Apparently I was exposed to too much pollen, 
came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection.
Seasonal allergies are not fun!
 I'm finally feeling better so this week I dusted off the machine and made a few bags for a friend.  I'll post those pictures soon.

I'm trying to stay indoors as much as possible 
but today was a beautiful summer day.

Here's Ellie discovering the hidden kitty in the 
vinca vine.  Sorry Peaches, she's on to you!
No rest for the kitty while the little is around :)

Hope you had a great day too!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I SPY ..... SNOW

Since I completed this I SPY quilt during
our snow storm today.  I decided to venture
outside for photos.

It's 48" square and each block is unique.
Made totally from my stash, the backing
is a thrifted polka-dot sheet.

Not much more to say, 
except I sure hope spring arrives soon!

Cabin fever = quilting!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


The blocks are completed and on the design wall.
Now to move a few blocks around then stitch it up.

I'm hoping be finished before Easter.

Friday, February 13, 2015


I started working on an I Spy Quilt for my granddaughter.
Here's the beginning of this fun quilt.
I'm hoping to have it finished by Easter.

These blocks are waiting to be pressed and trimmed
to 5.5" square.  All together I have more than 80 blocks.
And all the fabrics came from my stash.  Although,
some fat quarters were purchased over the past
3 years in anticipation of making this I Spy Quilt.

And I now have a "design wall".  It's just batting tacked 
to a sliding closet door, but it does the trick.

Enjoy this beautiful day,
it's bitter cold here in southern PA
but the sun is shining :)


Friday, February 6, 2015

Will you be my Valentine.......

A few years ago I purchased a kit to make a quilt 
featuring this adorable vintage look 
novelty Valentine fabric.  
I believe the fabric is by PamKitty.

I used the same basic pattern and instructions but instead of
one quilt I made 4.  One for me and each of my daughters
plus a tiny little gem for my granddaughter.

I added fabric from my stash
to finish the backs and binding.

A fun little project to share my love
with my family.

Happy February!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The end result.......a lovely wool purse
that began as a thrifted skirt.

I used a little different technique this time,
binding (like that of a quilt) is securing 
the end panel to the front & back.

A fun project and first finish for 2015.

I also recently completed this doll sized diaper
bag for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday.

It was made from the scraps of this doll bassinet.

Happy Birthday Ellie!

No resolutions for 2015.  After last year's huge
events (buying a home, moving, remodeling, daughter's wedding, etc.), I'm hoping for a more relaxed year!

Happy New Year!

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